Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gases and Climate Change

1.Combustion Demo
Hypothesis of Combustion Demo: If the rubbing alcohol ignites properly, then the blue flame will come out then have some black in the bottle. Observation of combustion Demo: The bottle flew across the table 8 feet to the right and blue flame exploded out of the cap of the bottle and inside the bottle is a coat of black from the flame.
Combustion: Carbon dioxide comes from the breathing of living things. Nitrous oxide comes from the tropical forest. Methane comes from the remains of ruminants and termites. Water Vapour is the gaseous form of water.

2.Carbon Dioxide Gas Demo
Hypothesis Carbon Dioxide Gas: If the fizzing baking soda and the vinegar that formed the CO2 gas the flame will then make it turn blue and orange. Observation of Carbon Dioxide: The fizzy stuff carbon dioxide put out the flame because the candle needs oxygen to live and carbon dioxide doesn't have oxygen. Post on about article: I think it is very interesting about the global warming that Oceans have long been considered to be a sink for atmospheric carbon. And if it is releasing CO2 as a result of warming temperatures, the CO2 should be decreasing in the oceans. This kind of shocking to me that there is so much carbon dioxide in the world and I havn't even notice it probably because I don't think about it. I am definitely am more aware of it.

3.Hydrogen Gas Demo
Hypothesis Hydrogen Gas: The flame wil ignite because the hydrogen gas has oxygen inside of it. Observation of Hydrogen Gas: The Metal zinc was put into the Hydrogen and a chemical reaction was caused and the fire stayed until all of the zinc solid was gone and had made a bubbling sound. It is interesting that hydrogen is not an energy source, but a energy carrier. I never thought hydrogen was so flammable either.

4. Air Pressure Demo
Hypothesis Air Pressure: If the air pressure in the can will stop vapouring when it is out into the icebath. Observation Air Pressure: My hypothesis was correct niching happened the vapor stopped once put into the ice bath. Hypothesis Air Pressure: Once the can is turned right side up and put into the ice bath there will be a sizzle steam. Observation Air Pressure:The air pressure squeezed the can and crushed it. Differences between tests: the air pressure was trapped when the hole in the can when it hit ice water. We created a vacuum. The fact that "Researchers have found that changes in air pressure over the past 50 years bear the fingerprint of human influence." It is sad to me because we could you could have made a difference and yet we haven't and we are paying for it heavily now. It is interesting though, that air pressure has such an effect on the world.

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