Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ten Years of the Chernobyl Era Questions

1) If the chemicals were different in the explosion (not really nuclear,) how do you think this would have changed the explosion in history?

2) Why couldn't people eat crops during this time for the residents of nearby countries?

3) How do you think this explosion could have been prevented from happening?

4) What was the number of deaths in Ukraine? How do you think these deaths could have been prevented?

5) Do you think it was a good idea to have a competition to determine a long-term solution to cover the explosion cite?

Monday, August 30, 2010

Love Canal Debate (Questions)

1) Are you sure that this area is fully isolated from any contact with humans, houses, and animals?
2) Would you live right next a once toxic dump that seeped toxic mud into peoples' basements?
3) Do you trust in the protective layering and cap on the Love Canal?
4) Do you have any relatives with birth defects?
5) Do you care about Love Canal?
6) Why are you a citizen,scientist,OC petroleum, environmentalist, or Mayor of Love Canal?

8-30-10 Catalyst

1.) What caused the toxic waste to begin being pushed to the surface?
There was a blizzard that caused snow to be under the "clay pit." Their spring had come early, and the snow turned to water. And the water started going through it and started oozing out as black mud filled with chemicals.
2.) What are some of the health hazards associated with the chemicals dumped there?
No one was sure about what was in the mud, or the health risks and long-term affects. But deadly dioxins were found. Health hazards such as birth defects and un clean drinking and bathing water was what the mud created. Also, cancer, liver problems, clef pallet, and usually these birth defects are many at a time. This was the beginning of frustration.
3.) Besides humans how are other parts of the ecosystem affected by this?
The Love Canal created a grassland area on top of the chemicals, animals that live in grasslands might have been fooled by the top grass layer of the toxic dump. Also, the mud started moving north ending up into the creeks. And, animals could be using the mud filled creek as a home or drinking water.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Hazards of Oil Dispersants

It is really interesting how people are such bad liars, especially BP. It is ridiculous how they wouldn't show the ingredients to the public of the chemical dispersants, it is like "come on seriously you guys can't you at least be honest with the public because we already know you spilled the oil, it is not like we will get any angrier." Actually, yeah! We can get angrier and BP is making us even fiercer. You know why!? Because they lied to us!! More like trying to get away with harming the mess even more by touching it every time. They are trying to get the spill to go away fast, but while they are doing their "fast" process they are using even stronger chemicals to break down the spill and now the public is even angrier than ever, because they lied by not showing the public the ingredients, they are working fast, but that is turning against them because they are using the strongest dispersants, that is very harmful to not only the animals, but now practically all seafood too! Haste make Waste! And BP should have been extra careful so that this spill wouldn't have happened in the first place.

Does solving one problem create another even larger problem? Why? Yes definitely, BP is trying to get rid of the oil by using chemical dispersants. These dispersants are making the oil even more spread out. Before the dispersants the oil was still a large mass, but now this large mass is spread out, technically it is a even larger mess. Hence, now the BIGGER problem!!

Which do you think is worse; oil spill or the chemical dispersant? The oil spill was bad enough, but oil floats on top of the water. This means that just the oil is not harming much only air breathing mammals like dolphins and birds on the beach and even otters and seals because they find food in water, but they like to be on top of the water floating around, which they breathe from. Now, add the chemical dispersants to the mess now you've got the spread out mess, and some of it may be sinking a tad. And plankton are being harmed and guess what!? The plankton is the beginning of the food chain!! So now you've got small fish eating this plankton and shrimp too, bigger fish eating the smaller fish, larger fish eating bigger fish, whales and sharks eating the large fish by the hundreds, then we have my favorite one of, the HUMANS are eating shark and shrimp and fish that have toxic chemical dispersants and oil!! Can you believe this!! I think that the MIXTURE of chemical dispersants and oil is the worse of all time, because the mess is harming not only a lot of animals, but now humans which is a very bad and harmful thing, so thank you BP for ruining a bunch!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

8th Grade DLC Reflection

*How much chemical dispersants do you think BP really uses?

*Why exactly do you think BP is lying to the public?

*Do you think BP will still have costumers after this incident? What levels of persuasion will they have to go to to regard the publics attention?