Monday, August 30, 2010

8-30-10 Catalyst

1.) What caused the toxic waste to begin being pushed to the surface?
There was a blizzard that caused snow to be under the "clay pit." Their spring had come early, and the snow turned to water. And the water started going through it and started oozing out as black mud filled with chemicals.
2.) What are some of the health hazards associated with the chemicals dumped there?
No one was sure about what was in the mud, or the health risks and long-term affects. But deadly dioxins were found. Health hazards such as birth defects and un clean drinking and bathing water was what the mud created. Also, cancer, liver problems, clef pallet, and usually these birth defects are many at a time. This was the beginning of frustration.
3.) Besides humans how are other parts of the ecosystem affected by this?
The Love Canal created a grassland area on top of the chemicals, animals that live in grasslands might have been fooled by the top grass layer of the toxic dump. Also, the mud started moving north ending up into the creeks. And, animals could be using the mud filled creek as a home or drinking water.

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