Thursday, August 19, 2010

8th Grade DLC Reflection

*How much chemical dispersants do you think BP really uses?

*Why exactly do you think BP is lying to the public?

*Do you think BP will still have costumers after this incident? What levels of persuasion will they have to go to to regard the publics attention?


  1. 3. I think BP will still have customers, but definitely not as many as they did before the oil spill. I think many of their customers after the spill will be their supporters and people who think it wasn't entirely BP's fault. As for the persuasion, they might have to go as far as lying about the thing and saying it was a hoax and it was all just to bring attention to the oceans.

  2. I think that BP is lying to the public because they do not want a bad reputation that would give them bad press. Because if they get bad press, than they will lose customers needed to keep their company running.