Wednesday, October 6, 2010


What are ways in which preserving biodiversity locally might have a global effect?
When we are not cutting down trees and using other resources we don't need the trees from rain forests which is global. "Rain forests, for example, contribute both to the process of soil formation and help to regulate the climate through photosynthesis – both producing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide. Wetlands act as sponge-like reservoirs in dry weather and help to filter and purify water. Coral reefs and mangrove swamps protect the land that they surround by reducing the effects of erosion."-link If you were in a rainforest, your local rainforest, the act of preserving it will effect the world globally so that there will be more trees to inhale the carbon dioxide which will help get rid of the massive amounts of carbon dioxide!

How does habitat destruction and loss of species effect more than just one area?
When a habitat is destructed and there is a loss of species this could in fact harm the food chain of other places with the lack of food which would then spread to not enough food and that causes a reaction in many areas according to what the species eats and where they get their food from.

How does preserving biodiversity enhance the life of people?
When preserving biodiversity this enhances the life of people because since things are like cycles they usually end up with humans at one point or another. For example, the ocean contains many life forms that feed off of another and usually end up with fish which we eat that which can enhance our food so our life too!

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